Verifying The Data

Search Engine Box

Our Search Engine Box (SEB) is a back-end solution that will handle all of your fingerprint verification needs. This solution is comprised of two distinct components: the Search Engine Box, which acts as a standalone server, and our AFIS SDK, which includes both more complicated API calls for the SEB as well as additional functions to build auxilliary AFIS components.

The Search Engine Box itself is a server capable of being deployed on multiple PCs/servers to execute any searching requests that needs to be done. It will build its own internal database and handle both TP and Latent searches (TP-TP, TP-Latent, Latent-TP, Latent-Latent searches).

The AFIS SDK contains more advanced API calls to alter and set the behavior of the SEB as well as access to algorithms that may be needed to build up auxilliary AFIS components (latent image enhancement, sequence checking, quality checking, etc).

Together, these two components form the essential building blocks for an AFIS system of any size.