AA Technology’s state of the art algorithm supports both Tenprint and Latent fingerprints with world-class speed and accuracy. Our algorithm has participated in numerous evaluations third party evaluations, which have demonstrated:

AA Technology is one of the global leaders in 1:1 fingerprint verification technology.

Our 1:N large scale AFIS technology is one of the best in the world and competitive with that of leading companies like NEC, Morpho, and 3M Cogent.

Our embedded fingerprint technology is the best in the world; we alone can deliver embedded algorithms with PC performance.


In the most recent FpVTE (Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation) that NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) held, our tenprint algorithm consistently ranked within the top 5 of each testing class, scoring on par or above companies such as Morpho, 3M Cogent, and NEC.


AA Technology’s algorithm is among the top performers for both the Standard and Hard image sets. As of January 2016, our algorithm was the top performer for low quality images with the smallest generated template. 


AA Technology’s PC-based and embedded algorithm have both received NIST’s MINEX III (Minutiae Interoperability Exchange) Certification. Our embedded algorithm is the first and only embedded algorithm to receive the MINEX III certification.