Our FVC-onGoing

As of November 2015, 150 academic groups, 176 companies, and 651 individuals from around the globe had taken part in the evaluations.There are 2 evaluations designed for fingerprint technology: Proprietary template 1:1 Verification and ISO template 1:1 verification. The two tables (from January 2016) summarize top performers of these 2 evaluations.


The results concluded that our algorithm had the following advantages:

  • Leading Accuracy: Our algorithm was amongst the top in accuracy for both the STANDARD (good quality) image set and the HARD (bad quality) image set. It was also the only algorithm to reach a FRR of less than 1%.

  • Excellent Tolerance for Low Quality Images: Our algorithm was the top performer for low quality images.

  • Fastest at Extraction and Matching: Our algorithm delivered the top speed while also reaching the highest accuracy.

  • Smallest Template Size: We had the smallest generated template, which makes it more suitable for large scale systems.